Life beyond the lens- Profile of G Bharath Bhushan 

G Bharath Bhushan’s who turns 50 this year is a celebrated photographer whose pictures spoke the language, the culture, life of Telangana and even adorned several covers of prestigious publications. 

Bharath Bhushan, a well-known photojournalist, is synonymous with his art works on Telangana that evocatively describe the linkages Telangana people have had with the ghadis and forts, the mud houses with traditional darwazas and the colourful patang. Having `excavated’ the cultural richness of Telangana with his lens like nobody else could, Bharath Bhushan’s work has predictably found takes in publications in and out of Andhra Pradesh.  He worked for Jyothi Chitra, Andhra Jyothi of Hyderabad, and Udayam. His works featured in English dailies like the Deccan Chronicle, Indian Express, and in journals such as The Illustrated Weekly of India, India Today, The Week, The Hindu (Folio), Asian Photography, among others. Over a 100 Telugu and English books have his photographs on the cover.  His fieldwork has been extensive going beyond the photographer’s perspective and delving into the ethos and the cultural history of rural Telangana. He focused on the rituals of beliefs and motifs and the sacred and profane elements of Telangana jataras covering Komarelli, Ailoni,  Kothakonda, Kondaparthi, Korvi, Sammakka and Sarakka among others as well as the Peerlu- the Sufi outlook which is a blend of the local material worldly and the spiritual aspect of life. 

Most importantly, his works helped put Telangana art forms on the country’s cultural map. A unique contribution, however, that stands out in his collection of pictures are those of Bathukamma festival, reflected in the riot of colours of local flowers and the endless range and forms of their arrangement

Among the coveted achievements of his career are the awards he has won in state and national level competitions. He was briefly associated with films as a still photographer. Prominent among these assignments have been his work for four remarkable films viz., Ma Bhoomi (Ghoutam Ghosh), Harijan (Ravindran), Rangula Kala (B Narsing Rao), Kanchana Sita (G Aravindan).

Born in Warangal in 1956 he graduated from Osmania  University and received diploma in photography with a Gold Medal in 1977 from JNTU but despite his growing popularity and achievements, Bharath Bhushan operated from outside the realm of fierce professional rivalries that guide the struggle for recognition, not very different from the subjects that he has dedicated his lens and the pen to for more than twenty years.