Medaram Jatara (Medaram Festival) 

Medaram is a village in the “dandakaaranya” (dandaka forest ) area of the Mulugu taluk of Warangal district, about 150-km away from Warangal city. Here Sammakka Jatara, non-Vedic and non-Brahminical festival is celebrated once in two years on a very large scale for four days in January-February.  It is a rare confluence of different tribes and castes and their traditions at this biennial Indian fair.  Medaram Festival is considered to be the largest festival in the South India and is one of the largest festivals in the world.  History, Mythology and practices: According to a tribal story, about 6-7 centuries ago, a group of Koya Indians traveling through the dandakaaranya found a little girl playing with tigers. The head of the tribe adopted and named her Sammakka.