Telangana milieu on canvas

Pramod Ram Reddy’s exhibition at Minaaz Art Gallery depicts deities, life and people of Nizamabad

GPR Reddy Nizamabad

Sri Lakshmi

THE WIDE canvas of Indian deities has been an integral part of our system. On one hand, their peculiar imagery, clothing and unrelated colouring notwithstanding, people unquestioningly accept and revere them, thus making them a part of their lives, more so in the villages and rural areas.

On the other, these deities, as wonderful works of art – extremely imaginative and aesthetic, have inspired creative people in various areas to experiment with them – weave stories, make paintings, designs sets, perform dramas and make textiles.

Artist G.Pramod Ram Reddy presents his paintings portraying the ruling deities of Nizamabad along with a few others, apart from depicting the life and people there. In retrospect, Pramod experimented with bolder themes and an alloyed attitude concerning colour, design, composition and line.

The alluring result that got him noticed was probably his effort to be `real’ and his talent, despite the inevitable influence of Klimt.

In the present exhibition, the earlier spirit of adventure and influx of experimentation is replaced by a more reticent and mellowed attitude where the artist effortlessly exercised his skills in colour, line and composition. (మరింత…)