Bike Taxi, Anyone?

Purnima Sriram, The New Indian Express, 8 December 2015

Goa-style bike taxies, or bike as a taxi could soon be a reality in Hyderabad. Recently the Haryana government had given a nod to  ‘Baxi’ service as commuter-friendly initiative and the twin cities could expect one soon.

Venkateshwarlu, RTA Joint Commissioner, said there is a scheme in Hyderabad that allows the commuters to rent a bike and drive around. “Jain from Four Wheel Travels has already availed the license to rent bikes varying from a CD Delux to Harley Davidson and many more. This is not exactly termed as ‘Bike Taxi’ but it is rent a bike scheme. There is surely a scheme, where there is a possibility to register the bike as taxi bike. They can take the license to run the bike as taxi.”

Considering it takes a minimum of 45 minutes for a four-wheeler just to cross the arterial roads of Patny to Banjara Hills, Balkampet to Balanagar, Hi-tech city to Kukatpally stretches, many four-wheeler owners envy the motorists who sneak in between the  itsy-bitsy gap between two cars to zig-zag away to their destination. This is a familiar trait in all cities in the country. Will the concept work in our city?

Bharat Bhushan Mamidi of Hyderabad Urban Labs,  an organisation designed to develop smarter responses to the challenges of contemporary urbanization,  said, “Hyderabad with unprecedented growth rates compared to any city in the country, obviously offers enormous scope for different alternative modes of transport. All options not only can be tried but also are feasible with the growing menace of traffic jams in the city. This includes making city roads safe for the people who walk to their work place. They are about 30 per cent of the total commuters. Hyderabad people have been active in choosing different options. Response to the growing number of cabs in the city is one example of it. Cost of travel by some cabs is relatively cheaper than auto rickshaw.” (మరింత…)